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Our University’s War: introducing Glasgow University’s Great War Centenary Project

By Dr Tony Pollard

This project is primarily about sharing the stories of those who walked, or even marched, on the beautiful Gilmorehill campus before us. It is about remembering our own community in the “war to end all wars”. We want to tell of the individual staff and students, the soldiers, nurses, engineers and even the diplomats and spies who made Gilmorehill what it is today.

Our University has long embraced diversity. Those who have been displaced from the collective wartime memory – the women doctors, the conscientious objectors and our alumni who fought for Germany and her Allies – will be remembered as part of this Project.

In the course of the next 4 years we are seeking the support of staff, students and friends in recalling the lives of as many of our predecessors as possible. The Chancellor’s Fund has given a year’s grant for a Project Officer to get things started but there is a great deal of work to do. Dr Jen Novotny is now recruiting and training those who want to get involved. If you are a current student you can apply to work with us via the Club 21 internship programme. If you are a staff member or an alumnus, please contact us expressing your interest. If you have no direct affiliation with the University we would still love to hear from you – perhaps you want to tell us stories of your University of Glasgow family or you have always loved Gilmorehill and you just want to volunteer to do some research. This project is about sharing so please do get in touch.

What are we doing with all this research? Firstly we are building on the Roll of Honour website – attempting to give detailed accounts of the lives of each of the names listed. We have uncovered such a wide range of stories already that we expect a book will be one of the outcomes in the next 4 years.

Other outputs from the project will include regular workshops and talks and a conference exploring the role of educational institutions during the Great War. In partnership with the City Council’s First World War Project, we are beginning a schools programme, and have already made contact with Govan High School, with whom we share alumni, and who themselves are working on their own Rolls of Honour.

The Great War Project is only one facet of the University’s World War One Commemoration activities. The official commemoration will begin on 25 September 2014 with a service in the Chapel. This date has been chosen as the anniversary of the first of our community to die, Captain Harry Sherwood Ranken, VC. More details of the event will be posted on the events page soon.

To keep up to date with the project you can sign up for email alerts by following this blog or you can follow us on Twitter @GlasgowUniWW1.



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