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The Memorial Chapel Organ

We were asked about the Chapel Organ so here’s some more information!09 - 312 Chapel ExhibitionDSC_9110 - Chapel Organ Blog

In 1927 Lord Maclay, the shipowner, gifted an organ in memory of his two eldest sons, Ebenezer and William, both of whom died in the Great War. The organ was created by the great makers, Henry Willis & Sons,* and Sir John J. Burnet designed the casing. The two figures on the organ case are those of St. Francis and St. Cecilia, patron saints of music, which were most likely carried out by Archibald Dawson. (more…)

The Memorial Chapel

09 - 312 Chapel ExhibitionDSC_8860

Today, Glasgow University’s Great War Project is looking at the Memorial Chapel. After the University moved from the High Street to Gilmorehill in 1870, services were held on campus in the Hunterian Museum and later in the Bute Hall until the Memorial Chapel was completed in 1929. The Chapel bisects the Gilbert Scott Building’s once open west façade, and was designed by Sir John J. Burnet (1857-1938). Commissioned in 1914, the outbreak of the Great War postponed further work on the Chapel until 1919.

It was then decided that the Chapel would be a memorial to the members of the University who had perished during the conflict. The costs were met by donations and public subscription and construction began in 1923 by Bruce & Hay but was not completed due to poor weather until early 1929. (more…)