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Exhibition: the University Chapel as a war memorial – by Rebecca Roper

University of Glasgow Library

Over the past few months, I have been working with Archive Services for a Club 21 internship researching, curating, and installing an exhibition on the University Chapel as a War Memorial. This installation has just gone up and you can visit it at 13 Thurso Street.

I began by looking through the relevant materials in the collection. There is an entire collection of materials about the Chapel, including service programmes, information booklets, photographs, fundraising programmes, the Chapel’s decoration, and history. This was very interesting, but I had to focus on those things related to the Chapel as a war memorial, not just the general history and functions of the Chapel within the University.

Photograph of the construction of the Chapel (PHU11/4) Photograph of the construction of the Chapel (PHU11/4)

Originally, campus services were held in the Bute Hall. Beginning in 1914, as part of a wider project of building expansion on the Gilmorehill Campus, Sir John J…

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Glasgow University’s Gallipoli

By Dr Jen Novotny, Research Assistant, Glasgow University’s Great War Project

25 April 2015 marks the centenary of the first landings at the Gallipoli peninsula. Over 50 individuals on the University of Glasgow Roll of Honour were involved in the Dardanelles campaign. Highlighting some of their stories puts this momentous campaign into context.

Br Landing at Gallipoli Q_050473

Gallipoli Landings © IWM Q 050473