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Erskine 1916: Battlefield pillowcases

By Bethany Lane, University of Glasgow MSc Museum Studies postgraduate student

Pillow Cases Pillow case 2

These pillowcases were made my French women during The Great War and the delicate craftsmanship shows French city battle scenes during the War. Soldiers bought the souvenirs such as these to send home to mothers, wives and sisters. As they were quite expensive, these were seen as investments.

These particular pillowcases was sent from one of four sons from the Wood family to their mother and sister, Lizzie, who lived at Paisley during the War. The extraordinary pillowcases were later inherited by Lizzie’s daughter, Elizabeth Herron, who donated it to Erskine Hospital since Lizzie’s oldest brother, James Wood, had been at Erskine in the late 1940s.

The scenes shown are Peronne 1917, Noyon 1917, Battle of Arras 1915, Ypres, Armentieres St Roch 1916, and Vimy 1917.

Read Bethany’s previous post on silk embroidered postcards in the collections of the Erskine Hospital.


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