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German Film in the First World War

By Christian Huttel, student of Library and Information Management at Stuttgart Media University, Semester Intern, University of Glasgow Library.

German-Turkish Review

German Field Marshal von Mackensen reviews an honour guard of Turkish soldiers during a 1916 Newsreel. Bundesarchiv. Watch the full video online here.

My Internship

As part of my studies at Stuttgart Media University, I was required to undertake one semester’s internship with a library service. While many of my colleagues chose to stay in Germany, I took the opportunity to apply to Libraries in Scotland and was offered a place at the University of Glasgow.   After an overview of the vast amount of places, teams and services working within the University, I had the chance to work on topics such as Open Access and reading lists, or accompanying several colleagues to induction talks with student groups. While these were great experiences on a number of levels, after two months I had the opportunity to work on a long-term project with Archives and Special Collections. This project required someone with an interest in film, history and profound knowledge in the German language; since I met all those criteria, I became part of the team working on the University’s Great War Project.