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“Like most communities across the UK, our University sacrificed a significant proportion of its membership to the Great War, with 4,506 serving and 761 losing their lives.  The university also served as a recruiting ground, via the Officer Training Corps, for young men who were not students, thus making the preparation for war their only experience of Gilmorehill. Women also played significant roles in the medical services and industries like munitions manufacture.  It is obvious then that the Great War had a profound impact on the University and its people, and its contribution to the war effort is undoubtedly a subject worthy of study, especially given the forthcoming centenary.”

Professor Tony Pollard

Glasgow University’s Great War is an ongoing project led by Professor Tony Pollard and supported by the University of Glasgow’s Chancellor’s Fund. As part of centenary commemorations, the project explores the experiences of the university community during the War. Research builds upon the University of Glasgow’s WWI Roll of Honour, an online database composed primarily of those who fell during the Great War and whose names are on the Memorial Panels in the Chapel. Their entries, some with extra biographical details and images, can be searched or browsed to provide a glimpse in to the lives of those enlisted.

Since 2015, the Project has been closely associated with Northlight Heritage and Digging In, facilitating the construction of replica First World War trenches in Pollock Park, Glasgow.

Follow the link to the initial overview of the University during WWI based on the University’s Senate Minutes.




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