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The women who shook it up & MADE IT HAPPEN by Bethany Lane

University of Glasgow Library

GUA11287-E.R Voting Papers Request back - croppped Request for voting papers as a University Graduate by Elizabeth Ross, 1906 (GUA 11287)

This year the theme for International Women’s Day is MAKE IT HAPPEN. To join in the celebrations we thought we would commemorate the small group of medical graduates of the University of Glasgow who challenged societal values to become the first cohort of Great British female doctors.

Between 1894 and 1914 there were only 168 women Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MB ChB) graduates at the University, compared to 1,483 men. Upon the outbreak of the Great War these women had raised the standard of female education and were campaigning for the right to vote.

Glasgow’s first female medical graduate, Marion Gilchrist (MB ChB 1894), and the Queen Margaret Suffrage Society were passionately debating women’s voting rights.

ch4-4-2-2-244 Dr Elizabeth Ness McBean Ross, 1901 [GB 248 CH4/4/2/2/244] Included in this ongoing debate was graduate Elizabeth Ness MacBean…

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